A fashion resolution that you might actually stick to…

Every year tonnes of people decide on new year’s resolutions. Do they stick to them… well that’s up to you to decide! However, every year I am one of those people and try to budget more when buying clothes. But of course with all the sales to look forward to – it’s not exactly hard to find any excuse to spend my Christmas money… and there I find myself in the same position as the previous year… skint.

This new year I have come up with a resolution slightly different, to help myself and anyone else with the same problem. Rather than completely cut out my high spending at the shops, I will simply set myself small goals to create the perfect and satisfied wardrobe.

So here are my personal thoughts on great resolutions – to get you ready and strutting for the new year.

First things first, is to detox your wardrobe, I mean personally I have like 6 million pairs of jeans that I never ever wear. I have other garments that I’ve always kept but never wear either. I start off with taking these to a charity shop, or selling them on Depop or even Facebook. Even though I never wear them, someone else might and besides it’s great to know that they are being put to good use. With all this space now in my drawers, it means I can focus on the pairs I love and fill the void with something I know I will wear.

If you’re stuck doing this, be harsh on yourself. Someone once told me a great trick. Start with all your hangers turned the other way (hung backwards rather than the usual way) in your wardrobe and once you wear the item on the hanger turn it the other way.  By the end of the week, month or even year, you will see what you have never worn. Recycle it.

Next, Organise your wardrobe or drawers. Now that you have hopefully cleared out the stuff you don’t use, you can utilise the space and make it neat. Try organising it differently than the last year. Either by colour co-ordinating, creating outfits for the week, or putting it in order of garments. This may make you more likely to see everything you have to offer and wear more often.

With a clean and fresh wardrobe, you can move on to the thing we all love. Shopping. This time however invest right. Rather than buying odds and ends, try and buy set outfits or things you really need.

A great way to do this is by purchasing staple items and basic clothes. Staple necklace, shoes or coat can transform outfits from day to night for example. Basic clothes – in neutral colours can be interchangeable and creates more than one outfit!

Dhani Mau, editorial director for FASHIONISTA magazine, agrees with this all the way and states that one of their new year’s resolutions has been to ”focus on more of the small details… Looking more at the fit and fabric of the things I do buy, investing in more subtle, pretty jewellery that I can wear every day … and only purchasing ‘that spark joy’.”

Be experimental with your new year fashion and develop your style. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and love your own fashion. Hopefully with these new year’s resolutions for your style, you can too have your perfect and satisfied wardrobe!



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