Quick-fire questions with Exeter Chief’s Jack Nowell

He’s arguably one of the best rugby players to come out of the South West. He’s one of only six English players to have scored a hat-trick of tries at a World Cup and in 2016, he started all five of England’s RBS Six Nations matches. Oh, he’s even tucked six appearances for the British & Irish Lions under his belt while also featuring as a regular member of the England squad since 2015 – but if you’re reading this, then you probably already know that.

So were here to reveal some hot off the press, breaking news for you – and it’s juicy. We’re about to grace you with the most important answers that you’ll ever hear from rugby ace, Jack Nowell – because who doesn’t want to know what two items the 25-year-old rugby ace would want if he was stranded on a tropical island, right? You can thank us later…



What’s your most favourite game that you’ve ever played?

It’s got to be the Premiership Final against Wasps in May last year.

What’s your least favourite game that you’ve ever played?

That would be the Premiership Final against The Saracens that we lost at the end of last season in May.

What has been your fondest moment during your rugby career?

Probably putting on an England shirt for the first time back in 2014!

What’s been your most painful injury?

Oh, definitely when I fractured my face and I had a plate put in under my eye — that was bad.

What have you done that you’re most proud of?

Becoming a dad to my daughter, Nori, this year – That was pretty cool I think!



Favourite restaurant?

Jack in the Green which is in Exeter. The food’s amazing and they look after me.

Favourite Quality Street?

Nobody even eats Quality  Street anymore do they? Well I don’t, anyway!

Favourite Chief’s player?

Oh it’s got to be Sam Hill – I could be in a room with him all day and just non-stop laugh… AT him!

Favourite pair of trainers?

Adidas Boost for sure. They’re pretty boring but so comfy.

Favourite hair style that you’ve ever had?

Haha, I’ve had some pretty bad ones but I’m quite liking my hair at the moment –it’s very easy to maintain.

Favourite film?

That would be The Greatest Showman – I’m not going to lie, I’ve watched it about 20 times.

Favourite word?

‘Awesome’ – I say it quite a bit actually.

Favourite sport to watch?

Boxing or UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Favourite memory?

Again, it’s got to be when Nori was born.


This or that?

Devon or Cornwall?


Fish & chips or pasty?

Ah you’ve got me there… I’ve got to say pasty!

Pub or club?


Tea or coffee?


Cats or dogs?

Dogs, because cats do nothing for me – I don’t understand why people have them!

Eat in or eat out?

Eat out.

City or countryside?


Beer or cider?


Dancing or singing?

Hmm, neither – but if I had to, then singing.

Summer or winter?

Obviously summer! Anyone who prefers winter over summer is just strange!


If you were…

If you were stranded on a tropical island what 2 things would you want with you and why?

Okay, so the first thing would be a boat and the second would be some petrol. Then, after about two weeks of relaxing on the island I’d probably just sail on home. — why hadn’t we ever thought of that?!

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