What a day…

Marjon and Plymouth University have really gone for it this year, there have been a few tussles and some great excitement from fans all around. 

It’s currently nicely poised at 13-9 to Plym Uni after a nine events today – and all to play for at Home Park this evening for the football teams.

Mens football fourths kicked off first, ending in a 2-2 draw full of energy and a brilliant performance from both sides. 

Then on to the first Marjon victory of the day, a cracking game of American Flag ended 32-26 with another exhilarating performance with Marjon pulling through as the winners!

It was closely followed by another victory for Marjon mens thirds football; a few scraps and tussles made for a very thrilling game that ended 2-0 to the home side!

There was a disappointing defeat for Marjon Ladies Lacrosse finishing 16-2 but what a spirit our team had. They sang together and huddled at the end…what a brilliant team effort!

Then came a properly close game as women’s netball finished 44-45 with just one point in it Plymouth University snatch the lead and go on to win. A big well done to both teams for such an exciting game!

Marjon ended with a couple of neat victories: 2-1 to the men’s seconds and a whopping 83-73 win for the basketball boys. 

Back in a few, we’ll keep you updated from Home Park!





So, after four matches now it’s 4-3 to Plym Uni, following a big Marjon win in the American flag this morning, and a heartbreaking 2-2 draw in the men’s 3 football on the 3G.

Stick with us as the midday madness begins…


Men’s Football 4 half-time. One all under the morning sun! 

It’s finally here! No, not Brexit, Varsity! We will be keeping across all the goals, baskets, nets and whatever happens in lacrosse as they go in. 

So, keep it Doughnut for Varsity 2019 – and follow us on Twitter at Jam_at_Marjon for live updates throughout the day…

Half time at the #varsity netball, it's neck and neck. 10-10. #upthejons @marjonuni

— JaM (@JaM_at_Marjon) March 27, 2019

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