What Music Inspires You?

For many years, music has always made such a personal impact on my life. Whether this is to help me revise during stressful periods, to helping me overcome a difficult situation. Regardless, it is a well-known fact that music has a very beneficial purpose to all of us in life.

There is not just one genre that I could simply say is my favourite. For some, this could be the case but music is so diverse in this generation, that I would find the task simply impossible. Of course, one can have their favourites and that is perfectly fine. All in all, here is a small selection of my favourite artists…

1. Queen 

Queen have to be by far my all time favourite artist. Their vast array of music is definitely so empowering and for those who dare to dive in a little deeper and explore Queen’s different albums, one will learn that not only do they incorporate the elements of rock in their music, but also experiment with in stereo sound mixing between the left and right channels in “The Prophet Song” and “Seven Seas of Rhye”. 

I do personally have a little bit of a love affair with Freddie Mercury. His flamboyant stage persona and well-known four-octave vocal range were well loved by all fans alike. On a personal note, I adored the way Mercury took courage in his appearance and took “risks” with his outfits in the early ’70s to then wearing his “best known look”, the yellow military jacket. 

Queen’s music had (and still do) hold a lot of meaning. For me, there will never not be an occasion where Queen’s music will not be appropriate to play. 

Top Uplifting Queen Songs:

  • Breakthru (The Miracle)
  • Radio GaGa (The Works)
  • Spread Your Wings (News of The World)
  • Don’t Stop Me Now (Jazz)

Unexplored Queen Songs To Listen To (if you dare to!):

  • Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy (A Day at The Races)
  • The Invisible Man (The Miracle)
  • Play The Game (The Game)
  • It’s a Hard Life (The Works)

And of course Bohemian Rhapsody is the one. One of, if not the best of Mercury’s creations. The songs meaning is unknown but shares a special place in many people’s hearts. 

“Play The Game” – one of my all time favourite Queen songs. Most definitely worth a listen!

2. Katy Perry

Most likely to be played if I have had a bad day! I find Katy Perry’s songs are very uplifting and even if you were in a bad mood when you started listening to a track, this would be changed from the impact and positiveness that is driven through the power of her songs. A lot of the time I find “Firework”, “Part of Me” and “Wide Awake” are my go to songs if I want a bit of a mood changer and be uplifted. 

I aspire to her creativity and although she does have some ballads in there which are great to listen to, the anthems she provides are great if you want that real kick of happiness, then Katy Perry is the one!

3. Lady Gaga

One of my all time favourite artists. Gaga’s music is definitely inspiration. Her music makes you believe that it is perfectly okay to be who you want to be and to not let anyone else define you. A little more quirky compared to others Gaga displays a variety of genres in her work from the classic pop of “Just Dance” to something more country like “Joanne”. 

Top Gaga Songs to Listen Out For!

  • Always Remember Us This Way
  • The Cure
  • Gypsy
  • Hair
  • Alejandro

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