A Insight To My Traditional Christmas

There is such a big build up to Christmas; the advent calendars, buying presents, decorating houses, buying trees…the list is almost endless. But once you get to the 25th of December, the fun is all over. All families celebrate Christmas is different ways and set their very own traditions. For this reason, it seems interesting to find out how others celebrate the three big days of Christmas (24th, 25th, 26th of December). This year I am spending Christmas near Plymouth and leaving Sussex behind…

24th December

The final build up to Christmas. This day normally is used for final preparations such as prepping food for the next day and the final wrapping of presents. It tends to be a fairly chilled day, but during the evening there will be a typical church visit to the carol concert which will then convert to spending some of the evening in the local pub. For the rest of the evening, food will consist of eating ham, egg and chips, a Sampson tradition. I’m sure that there will be a board game played by everyone. Our favourites consist of Rummikub, Game of Life, Articulate and hopefully a tame game of Monopoly (you never know how this game is going to go let’s face it!). Then once the day is over, it’s time to put the stockings out for the children (I still get included!) and straight to bed for the next day!

25th December

The big day has finally arrived! The morning will start with a cheeky Bucks Fizz and bagels with smoked salmon and scrambled egg. No doubt the “Santa stocking” presents would have been opened by the children. Dad tends to save the best presents until the end of the day for us so we can spread the day out and enjoy other gifts. Normally while the roast is cooking, we go for a nice country walk (fingers crossed the sun is shining!). It wouldn’t be Christmas without a selection of alcoholic drinks: bailey’s, snowballs,  Disaronno and coke and of course mulled wine.

The traditional walk on Christmas. 

26th December

Boxing Day. We normally leave a few presents for Boxing Day in order to drag some of the excitement out. Food tends to be leftovers. They always taste better as well the next day. Bubble and Squeak is a big favourite for Boxing Day. Of course there is the Boxing Day football game and this year my club Brighton and Hove Albion face Tottenham Hotspur away so that’s the Boxing Day television sorted! Boxing Day tends to be very chilled (everyone is tired from the day before). I’m sure there will be another walk thrown in there somewhere! Since I’m leaving my home county of Sussex this year to spend Christmas in South Devon, they’ll be a walk along Wembury beach across the Christmas period.

So there it is. Basically a few days consisted of drinking and being merry.

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