Angels Assemble! – Raise You Up Charity Concert Review

Kinky Boots, in all of it’s high heeled, high kicking fabulousness, has proved massively popular all over the world, and in a time where our beloved theatres still stand in darkness, a pandemic continues and fights for social justice are ongoing, it’s exactly what we need to raise our spirits. With Raise You Up, Jed Berry and Jerry Mitchell brought the sass, energy and passion of Kinky Boots straight into our homes with many performances from Angels and Lolas from all over the world.

With their flawless magic and incredible costumes, the Angels bring the fire to the shoe factory as Lola’s fearless back up girls and in this concert we were able to experience that fire has they performed their hearts out from the comfort of their own homes. Raising money for Acting For Others, Broadway Cares Covid-19 Emergency Assistance Fund, Black Ticket Project and Broadway Advocacy Coalition, this brilliantly put together concert was joyful from start to end.

Move aside Charlie, these are Jerry’s Angels and they are here to slay. With performances from Angels from the UK tour, London Production, Broadway, US Tours, Japan productions, International tours and cruise line productions, this was a truly global concert full of complete and utter joy. Many a drag queen, performing songs from many a musical and popular song. Alexander Gage’s isolation themed take on ‘I will Survive’ was brilliantly funny and clever, whilst seeing six angels take on Six with a performance of ‘Ex-Wives’ was also a delight. As was the performance of ‘Cell Block Tango’ with Christoper Parkinson adding a special Sainsbury’s twist to the lyrics.

Whilst being endlessly impressed by many a performance of pop songs and show tunes, we were also treated to a performance of ‘Beware The Black Widow’, a cut song from the show and a wonderful Disney medley from Daniel Downing

The music performances were broken up by multiple q and a’s with cast members from all over the world, along with some fun trivia questions throughout, plus an angel make up tutorial, and Tom Scanlon’s funny musical interludes. In its 2 hour running time (just under), we were taken all over the world with interviews with Japanese cast members and performances from as far away as Australia. We are also given a glimpse behind the scenes with phone footage of dressing room fun. There was a real feeling of coming together in this concert, that feeling of even though we are all currently far apart from each other, we can still come together to celebrate something and to raise funds for important charities.


I would like to thank Jed, Jerry and everyone who took part in this special concert, bringing the joy and sass of Kinky Boots to us at home in these dark days. It provides a couple of hours of pure happiness and pride in being who you are. That’s the message of Kinky Boots, have pride, have love and just be who you want to be.

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