‘If I wasn’t such an idiot’ – The Clapper (2017) Review

Eddie Krumble (Ed Helms) travelled to Los Angeles in search of fame and fortune, basing everything on the promise of the ‘American Dream’, but instead he lives his days pay packet to pay packet, paid very little to sit in television audiences and clap along when told. He bumbles his ways through his days, only finding happiness when he visits his crush Judy (Amanda Seyfried) at his local petrol station. That is until one day, when people start to realise that the same man is always in the background of tv shows, clapping along and asking questions. Eddie is suddenly in the spotlight, but what will that fame do to his budding romance with shy reserved Judy?

The basic idea of this film is very simple, but if you really look into it you will see that it’s actually a detailed look into the idea of the ‘American Dream’ and being careful what you wish for. Eddie always thought that he wanted the fame, and he wanted the attention, but when he gets it, he realises that it isn’t really all it cracked up to be.

Eddie is a likeable character, if a little slow at times which leaves you sometimes wondering how on Earth he has managed to get to where he is. Ed Helms brings just enough emotion to the character to make him believable, and you do find yourself wanting to see him succeed. With Tracy Morgan as best friend Chris, they muddle their way through talk shows and interviews, desperate to get to where they want to be. Funny at times, and oddly touching at others, their best friend relationship keeps the action moving forwards.

Late night talk shows plays a big part in this movie, and you can’t help but think that it is making a joke of this popular television genre. Host Stillerman (Russel Peters) is portrayed as larger than life, attention seeking and above caring about the emotion of those he uses to boost his ratings, no matter what Eddie says or tries to do. Adam Levine plays Ranter, the shows producer, who does try to understand Eddie but really just gets pulled into the glamour of the celebrity filled tv show.

This film is a little bit slow to get going, but altogether enjoyable. It appears bright and breezy, and it is, all whilst trying to get an important message across. Fame doesn’t really mean that you are going to get everything that you ever wanted, and fame always come with a price. This easy going movie is available to stream on Netflix.

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