UK terrorism threat level raised to “severe” amidst global pandemic

Home Secretary Priti Patel has released a statement as of today, addressing the new terrorism threat level within the UK. Patel has now told the public that the “Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) has changed the terrorism threat level across the UK from substantial to severe”- meaning an attack is highly likely.

It is suggested that we remain “alert not alarmed” however this expectation is unrealistic as COVID-19 has already exceeded the limits of what the general public can take, with the economy at risk alongside the working-man’s job.

Patel claims that this is due to the affairs in France and Austria within the week. Four have died in Vienna, Austria after a shooting occurred on Friday night. Before this, three others had died in Nice, France, in a knife attack. Meaning this elevation in threat level is simply “precautionary” and “not based on a specific threat”.

Home affairs correspondent, Dominic Casciani, has stated that this raise in threat level was inevitable. This is because multiple terrorist attacks will make those behind them feel successful, encouraging them to target other areas or even countries.

Even though the assessment of threat remains “vague” there will be “more visible policing across the country” confirms Patel. Meaning a larger strain will be forced onto our police force at the cost of protecting the general public from another threat that isn’t COVID-19.


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