ITV spend 500K on Celebrity Castle no-show

ITV has reportedly spent £500k housing ten ex I’m A Celebrity campmates in luxury cottages in Anglesey, only to send them all home 

Joey Essex, Joe Swash, Charlie Brooks and Vickie Pattinson are among the ten celebrities who were treated like ‘kings and queens’ and holed up in a selection of luxurious cottages, all meals included – no expense spared. They were also allowed to bring along their partners to enjoy the isolation period in the luxury accommodation, which was guarded closely by security. The former contestants all self-isolated for 2 weeks before being sent home and were given code-names to hide their identities from the public.  

It was rumoured that the ex-campmates were each paid £50,000 to quarantine, in preparation to join the current castle campmates. The producers apparently kept their ‘cards close to their chests’ but it has been suggested that the plan for the former stars, who were all viewers favourites from previous shows, was for them to make cameos appearances and join live trials, stay in camp overnight, and possibly present challenges. Although, none of the former stars were told exactly what their involvement would be, they were all eager to accept the generous ITV offer, with Covid causing work to dry up for many in the show business world.

No clear reason has been given as to why the idea was axed over the weekend at such a huge cost to ITV. The stars will all still receive their fee for what was, essentiallyfree 2-week holiday and with a whopping wage for them take home for their time. 

Last night’s show saw the eviction of Ruthie Henshall, making her the second female to leave the camp so far. 


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