The world’s largest lottery win

The largest ever global lottery prize has been won in Talahassee, South California, USA on Tuesday this week.

The, as yet, unnamed winner has so far failed to come forward to claim the $2billion Powerball prize, but when they do, under Californian law, their name will eventually be revealed to the public. No further details will be disclosed, except whether they choose to take the cash as a lump sum, or in lifetime installments.

Joe Chahayed from Joe’s Service Centre in Altadena, who has owned the family run gas station for the last 20 years, sold the winning ticket. He will now pocket myself an astonishing $1m dollar reward.

75 year old Joe has promised that he will share the lottery money amongst his family, including his 11 grandchildren. Local people were quick to praise Joe as being the “most friendly person I know”, and is widely known around the town as Papa Joe, for his genial way of treating everyone of his customers as if they were family.

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