caught on camera

Police in Devon and Cornwall have described the amount of people caught on camera for not wearing a seatbelt or texting at the wheel as ‘alarming’. 

Over 600 people have been caught in the area since September when the Aecom cameras were first installed, which use artificial intelligence to identify offenders. 

In 2021 there were 47 road deaths and a further 647 serious injuries were recorded. 

Chief inspector Ben Asprey said: “Failing to wear seat belts and using mobile phones were contributary factors in serious injury collisions. 

“These are not just numbers, these are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, children, best friends and loved ones.”  

Cameras are now everywhere in the area to monitor the drivers on the roads, particularly in and around Plymouth City Centre, where driving in bus lanes is also a penalty offence. 

The public have complained that not all signs and the use of cameras in bus lanes are clearly visible, particularly the one that runs alongside the Marjon Sports Hall, where several students have been caught out. 

Driver Ben Smith said: “I have been affected by that bus lane and feel it is not well labelled. It is not clear, especially to those unfamiliar with the area. When I first visited the university, I was caught on camera and fined £100.”  

Plymouth now has eight “always on” bus lane cameras which have issued in excess of 150,000 penalty fines in one year. 

Both the police and local bus companies have been supportive of the measures and the differences they have made in terms of improving road safety and journey times, while Plymouth City County have stated that if you receive a bus lane fine it shouldn’t be ignored as it could cost you more.  They advised that if anyone wants to appeal it is a legal requirement that this is done in writing, and if it is within the discount period the fine will be put on hold while they consider the appeal. 

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