450% increase in student mental health declarations over last decade

There has been a 450% increase in mental health declarations over the last decade, according to a UCAS report. 

The number of UK university applicants that shared a mental health condition has risen dramatically, but despite this growth, the report also shows that nearly half of students do not share information regarding their mental health with their university or college. 

UCAS estimated that over 70,000 students per year enter higher education with a mental health condition, but 49% said that they had not disclosed this information suggesting that there is still a stigma surrounding the subject. 

This year, World Mental Health Day falls on the 10th of October, and Plymouth Marjon University is doing its bit to eradicate this stigma. 

Marjon offer counselling for all students, and encourage them to come and talk about any problems they might be experiencing throughout their time at the university. 

The student counselling page reads: “We wouldn’t want anyone to think their problem is too small, or that they aren’t entitled to ask for support. We want everyone to have the opportunity to come and talk about what is going on for them.” 

They are open Monday to Thursday, 9:30 – 5:00 every day except Fridays when they close at 3pm. 

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