Figurehead II statue unveiling

It’s here! Tomorrow is the day that the Figurehead II statue will be unveiled. It has been installed next to the Marjon Arts centre in a striking display. Here’s what the Dean of Arts, Humanities and social Sciences Sarah Mcadam has to say about the importance of art and the statue: “We’re at a very strange time in political history and the arts are always really important in those moments, even if we were in easy times politically or wherever we are in society, the arts are so important for people to connect to and having something right in the middle of the quad and walking past that piece of artwork… I think it is an incredible opportunity.”

The internationally renowned Artist Alexandre da Cunha is the creature of Figurehead II. His work often subtly changes and appropriates found objects, giving them new life. This collaboration between the Box and Marjon will bring art and culture not only to Marjon students, but to the local community as well.  


Students have mixed opinions about the arrival of the statue, some excited and others apprehensive. Here’s an opinion of a fellow student: “Personally I’m not too invested in the public arts, I’ve never connected with the meaning or emotional standpoint that art brings, however I feel like it’s going to have its’ benefits, especially in the university. There’ll always be those, who aren’t necessarily imposing of it but also aren’t necessarily invested.” Whether you love it or hate it, one things for sure, this statue has caused a lot of discussion and debate, and we’ll see what the overall reaction is after the unveiling. There’ll be those who try to climb it, but hopefully the overall result is for people to admire it and question “what is art?”

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