We’re taking our greenspace for granted

It’s no surprise to anyone living in Plymouth that litter is very much common place, primarily within the city centre.

However those eagle eyed individuals may have noticed just how much litter has accumulated around the Marjon campus, especially within our greenspaces.

According to Planet Earth Games, a charity organisation tackling environmental sustainability, roughly two million pieces of litter are dropped every day in the UK with 70% of it consisting of food wrapping and packaging.

With the hustle and bustle of varsity in recent weeks, it’s not hard to see how our campus has likely been subject to far more litter than usually expected.

And it isn’t just speculation, on a nice afternoon take a walk around the site and keep a note of how much litter you spot making sure you find a bin for it too.

Litter isn’t just an eyesore on our surroundings, it’s a huge contributor to global climate change as well as a disrupter in local food chains harming wildlife that may consume the rubbish.

It’s vital we all make our contribution to minimise the quantity of litter in our area not only to improve the quality of life for ourselves and others around us, but in order to protect the environment we are so lucky to have surrounding us at Marjon

For anyone looking to take additional steps towards cleaning up our environment, follow this link to the Planet Earth Games charity website to find out more.


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