The locations of all traffic enforcement cameras in Plymouth

Have you been driving in Plymouth and accidentally ended up in a bus lane? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one, as in the last five years Plymouth City Council has fined over 107,000 motorists for bus lane and keep-clear offences.

However, since 2017, the amount of traffic enforcement fines issued by Plymouth City Council has fallen, despite there being more drivers than ever before on the roads.

Plymouth City Council operates a network of enforcement cameras, helping police the many bus lanes, school keep-clear zones, bus stops, and more. In addition “Plymouth City Council [also] has a mobile approved device (road safety camera car) used across the city to enforce parking restrictions outside of schools, zig-zag markings around pedestrian crossings, and bus stops.”

A freedom of information request revealed that in the 2017/18 financial year, the City Council issued 12,754 fines to drivers, this dropped to 8,001 in the 2021/22 financial year— a 40% reduction.

However, the number of drivers on the UK’s roads has increased by 13% in the last ten years, and 3% in the last five.

Drivers are fined up to £70 for illegally driving in a bus lane or stopping in a ‘keep-clear zone,’ this is usually reduced if paid within 14 days. With over 107,000 fines being issued in the last 5 years, Plymouth City Council could have brought in up to £7m in revenue from illegal drivers.

Plymouth City Council can legally enforce bus lanes and keep-clear ways through power enacted under the Transport Act 2000, and the Traffic Management Act 2004.

Plymouth City council justifies enforcement fines, saying: “All income from penalty charge notices is utilised within the overall delivery of Plymouth City Council Highways and Transport Services. This includes repairs and maintenance of carriageways and car parks, non-commercial bus service provision, and the development of new highway schemes and improvements”.

We contacted Johnathan Drean, Cabinet Member for Transport at Plymouth City Council for a statement but received no reply.

Plymouth City Council’s ‘CCTV Car.’

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In addition to these cameras, Plymouth City Council said they were considering putting enforcement cameras in the following locations:

-Arden Grove

-Barne Lane

-Bernice Terrace

-Dean Hill

-Haye Road

-Hermitage road

-Howard Road

-Laira Bridge Road

-Mutley Plain

-Palmerston Street

-Pearn Road

-Saltash Road

Have you been caught by the cameras? Get in contact: