New Orchard and Park in Ivybridge

A new Ivybridge orchard and play park has recently been opened in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, providing a new space for children and young people to play and explore. The project was funded by a combination of local government and private donations, and features a range of exciting new play equipment and features. 

Ivybridge has a long history of providing green spaces for everyone in the area to enjoy. The town’s first public park, Victoria Park, was opened in the late 19th century and named in honor of Queen Victoria. The park featured a bandstand, a bowling green, and a fountain, and was a popular destination for families and couples looking for a relaxing day out. Over the years, the park has undergone several renovations and improvements, including the addition of a skatepark and new play equipment. 

Longtimber Woods, a common spot for nature lovers and walkers, and Erme Valley Country Park, which offers stunning views of the River Erme and the surrounding countryside, are two additional parks in Ivybridge. A BMX track, a multi-use games area, and a children’s play area are among the other recreational amenities at Erme Valley Country Park. 

The new play park itself is designed to appeal to a wide range of ages and abilities, with swings, slides, climbing frames, and other activities suitable for toddlers, older children, and even teenagers. In addition to the traditional play equipment, there is also a range of sensory play activities, such as musical instruments, sand and water play, and interactive displays. 

The orchard is another key feature of the park, providing a space for children and young people to learn about the environment and engage with nature. The orchard includes a range of fruit trees, wildflowers, and other plants, providing a habitat for local wildlife and helping to improve air quality in the area. 

A local grandmother in the area expressed her excitement about the new park, saying that it will be much nicer to be able to take her grandson to a park that is local to their estate and meet the local children. She added, “It’s a big thing, the local park, and I think it’s really important for children and young people.” 

“We can walk to the new one, it’s just down the road, and I just think that’s nice for my grandson, to be able to walk to his local park, rather than thinking he’s got to be driven everywhere. We want them to know about their local communities and grow up to be ecofriendly, don’t we?”  

The benefits of this new park and orchard are significant, not just for the children and young people who will use it, but for the wider community as well. By providing a safe, welcoming space for children to play and explore, the park will help to promote physical activity, social interaction, and mental wellbeing. The orchard, meanwhile, will help to improve the local environment and provide a valuable educational resource for schools and other community groups. 

The opening of the Ivybridge orchard and play park is a testament to the community’s dedication to the well-being of its children and the environment. It serves as a reminder of the importance of investing in green spaces and the positive impact they can have on both physical and mental health. 

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