Suella Braverman accuses police of double standards

Suella Braverman has been condemned for accusing the Metropolitan Police of applying “double standards” to protests.

The Home Secretary, writing a brazen article in The Times, claimed aggressive right-wing protestors were “rightly met with a stern response”, while “pro-Palestinian mobs” were mostly ignored.

Ms Braverman’s comments have been largely condemned by police officers and a number of MP’s, with some calling for her to be sacked.

Opposition leader Sir Kier Starmer, during The Kings Speech debate, accused Braverman of undermining the police and declared that the government was led by an “out of control home secretary”.

This is the second time this week that the home secretary has come under criticism for her brash comments, on Monday Ms Braverman posted on X, formally known as twitter, that “living on the streets is a lifestyle choice”.

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