‘Despicable’ con artist couple left elderly parents with just 28p in their bank account after son stole £117,000 to fund luxury lifestyle.

‘Greedy’ son Gary Mansell and his wife Diane Mansell have been jailed for defrauding their elderly parents out of £117,000 to splurge on expensive holidays, cosmetic dental work and home improvements.

The pair were arrested and placed on bail before being sentenced on Wednesday at Liverpool Crown Court to 6 years in prison for fraud by abuse of position and money laundering.

After carrying out an investigation the police found an extensive amount of evidence that while acting as his parent’s power of attorney, Mansell made the decision to move his parents out of their family home and sell it for £150,000, a considerable amount lower than the market value. The 61 year old made no attempt to discuss the details with his parents and used the money to make home improvements and fund himself and his other half’s luxury lifestyle.

The elderly parents, Fred and Enid, were ‘controlled’ and advised to move in with Mansell and his wife. However, between the period of August 2017 and November 2021 the elderly couple barley left the house.

Gary and Diane however spent 14 nights in Jamaica, holidayed in Cape Verde and took trips to the Grand Hotel in York.


Diane spent £9,000 alone on dental work, drove a gold BMW with a private number plate, had an extensive collection of Chanel and Louboutin bags and spent thousands on Joe Malone perfumes.

In a brief victim impact statement, Fred, who is now 83, said he ‘did not want to be here anymore following the ordeal’. Enid died aged 81 last December.

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