Argyle To The Top

Plymouth Argyles new 5-year plan has been released and a lot of people inside and outside the club have been giving their views on where this leaves the club now and in the future. Owner Simon Hallett has released a statement saying the club wants to be Sustainable top-6 Championship Club with aspirations of the Premier League which is very exciting for fans.

We asked supporter Riley Smith for his views on the potential heights for the Club going forward and whether a potential investor would be beneficial for the club and if it is needed. He said ‘’ I think 5 years would be a little too soon to push for the Championship, I like that it’s people centered and building on what they have already got’’. He followed on to say about what a new investor would bring to the club. ‘’The new investor will want to have some direction in the club as a business, I think Argyle is one of the best businesses in the EFL, I think if the new investor wants to buy in on the club, I don’t think we should not say no because Hallett owns 86% of Argyle so he can sell 36% and still have majority decisions’’. He lastly talks about how the Greens will be wanting to be making multi million-pound deals in the not-so-distant future.

We also spoke to fellow Argyle fanatic William Scawn on where he has a fan would like to see the money go. He said ‘’If I was the investor, I would put the money into upgrading the stadium, bringing a higher capacity so we can get more fans in as I think we could sell out at least 25,000 and also bring in some more decent players to further our ambitions up the Football League’’


It seems whatever direction they take in the next few years whether they take the option of a new investor or not it has a bright future under the leadership of Owner and Chairman Simon Hallett.

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