Marjon BUCS Program…

Plymouth Marjon University is a great place for sports and their BUCS team aim to play at the highest level. With great facilities and coaching staff, the sporting programs play a big part in Marjon’s pride for their university.

Some sports have better programs than others, so some students came forward to talk about the pros and cons about their sport here at Plymouth Marjon.

The first student is Brad Williams. He is a committed player to Marjon’s Lacrosse team and he had a few things to say about what Marjon should do to take their team to the next level.

Brad said “I feel we are a bit behind in terms of other uni’s have things like strength and conditioning, whereas we don’t”.

He believes with “More funding,” Marjon’s lacrosse team could really take their team to the next level and be the best at the sport in their division.

Brad also said that “Marjon doesn’t invest as much time into Lacrosse as other sports”, and thinks it’s unfair as they don’t even have a coach although they’re in the BUCS premier league.

Overall, Brad is happy with being part of the Lacrosse team but thinks with more funding, it could be even better.

Women’s Football…

Another student, Bella Davis, came forward and spoke about Marjon’s women’s football team.

Bella said over the past year the football training, coaching staff and players have “Massively improved”. She said the “Coaching is good,” and “It is great to have often strength and conditioning sessions”.

However, she did say that the players are starting to take it less serious compare to the start of the season so “The coaches need to pick up on it”.

In conclusion Bella is super happy with the team here at Marjon and loves being a part of the team.

Marjon’s sporting programs are all around very good and majority of students are very happy to be a part of them.


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