UK’s first illegal drugs consumption room given green light


The UK’s first consumption room for illegal drugs is set to be opened in Glasgow sometime next year after being approved by the local authorities. 

The project comes from Scotland’s worrying drug related deaths statistics, with over 1,300 deaths in 2020. 

It will ensure that users will be able to take illegal substances while in the company of health professionals to provide a safer environment. 

Drugs and Alcohol Policy Minister Elena Whitham said: “There’s a huge amount of work to be undertaken. 

“I’m quite confident that with this service up and running, we will see a reduction in harm.” 

The idea of the consumption room has been discussed for years after questions were raised about its potential to encourage new users but has finally been allowed to go ahead.  

Whitham also said “We know this is going to be one of the measures that we can put in place to reduce harm, especially for those who are finding themselves injecting in a public place.”  

It is reported that there are over 500 known frequent drug users in Glasgow alone who are regularly at risk of harm and even death.  

However, the Minister insists that this scheme is the way “to give some dignity back to some people.”  

Many supporters of the plan hope that the consumption rooms will benefit not just Glasgow, but eventually, the entire United Kingdom. 

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