Mens Vollyball 1

Yes ladies and gentlemen it has finally happened we won (our first BUCS set). The overall score was Marjon 1 – 3 Solent 1’s. This score line does not quite reflect the sheer determination of the boys out there on the court as we can safely say, bar Pete’s questionable dancing mid-set, that every single one of the lads played their best game yet.

It wasn’t pretty at times, but the scrambles to get the ball up, constant communication and a variety of new strategies and chants all built into a stellar performance from the boys to keep every set to within 3 points. It’s worth to mention that a massive shoutout goes out to Solent 1’s for being the friendliest team we have played against this year, being eager to hang around after the game, combining players from both uni’s to have a mixed game together afterwards where they were kind enough to share some of their tactics and rotations that they use in games, as well as discussing the strengths and weaknesses of other opposition teams we have both played against.


MVP as voted for by Solent: Tinashe Kayaya

MOTM: Liam Williams??? For consistent setting and being the loudest player organizing the team.

DOTD: Peter Durston for dancing like an inflatable carwash man mid-set



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