Women’s Hockey 1

The Marjon women’s hockey 1s took on Southhampton 2s this Wednesday. It was a close game from the start.


Southhampton had first push back but it wasn’t long until Marjon turned over the ball and made a break for the goal. Shots were fired but no goal came. The defence worked tirelessly to keep the Southhampton attack from scoring with spectacular saves from Lottie Warne.
Another turn of the ball and Carrie Irwin was flying down the wing, a quick pass to Tarryn then to Bevs and a finish from Amelia meant we were 1 up. Southhampton didn’t like that and they sought out a short corner, failure to finish with Molly Nichols in the way just proves how close it was. Unfortunately they made a sneaky break and got through our defence.
With Molly Clayton and Lottie guarding the goal line they foul played in the D and scored a sneaky goal 5 seconds before half time. Although if you ask anyone it was a foot before the goal so umps was out there with his selective sight once again. 
After the half time pep talk we were back at it and in a much less interesting half it was a well matched game. With the Marjon girls lacking in subs legs were tiring and lungs were hurting. A bit more back and forth across the pitch and Southampton had scored another goal from a short corner. Honourable mention to Abigail Bevan who broke early from the defence meaning we played with a player down. Getting messy in the last 10 mins Rosa decided elbows was the best way to disarm the opponents resulting in a green card and a trip to the sin bin to think about her actions. The final whistle blows and the girls left it all out there including there lungs. 2-1 for Southhampton, but I know they aren’t ready for us in the next game. 

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