Why is there no Winter break for the Premier League?

Once again, the Premier League is not having a Winter break this year and are preparing for a very busy schedule, whilst all other major leagues are getting the chance to relax and have some time off.  

This time round, there is one fixture on Christmas Eve and five fixtures on Boxing Day, really giving the players not much time to themselves. As an example, the Bundesliga start their break on the 20th of December, and resumes on the 12th of January, giving the players plenty of time to recover. So why does the Premier League not have a break? 

The main reason is because of the fans. It is believed that most people are on holiday and not working, so it is the best time for fans to get to the matches and enjoy some festive football. A lot of fans take the opportunity to dress up and watch their teams play in the snow and the most common outfit is Santa, but in the colours of their club. 

The managers are not happy with such a busy fixture list at this time of the year and tend to get hit with a lot of injured and tired players. Players have a hard time with all these games, especially if they are new to the league and have not experienced it before. 

While many families are spending time together and eating Christmas foods, most Premier League players will be putting most of their effort into training and keeping in shape for the cold games.  

While some people tend to dislike the number of matches, most people enjoy it, and it is very entertaining over the Christmas period.

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