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Marjon women’s hockey 1’s

Marion’s women hockey team beat Southampton 3’s 5-4 yesterday in a thrilling game after being 2-1 down at the end of the first half.

The post-game match report states that an emphatic half time speech from both Sam Oliver and Katie Fear rejuvenated the team to get back in control of the game; this is exactly what the girls needed as they went on to score four goals in the second half.

The wet weather proved difficult for both teams, as well as entertaining for supporters, as Katie Fear fell “arse over tit” whilst trying to break down the wing.

All in all, a hard-fought victory for the girl’s this Wednesday with MOTM going to Ffion Hennessey and DTOD awarded to Abbi Wheaton.

Marjon men’s football 1’s

Marjon’s first team beat Southampton 1’s 4-2 in a huge top-of-the-table clash on Wednesday.

Captain Jake Curtis scored a hat-trick, while starlet Dylan Jones continued his goalscoring exploits by grabbing yet another goal.

The win for ‘the Jons’ cements their top spot position by putting them three points clear.

Marjon women’s football 1’s

Marjon women’s first team won 4-1 against Winchester yesterday after a thrilling 90 minutes of football. 


Making it yet another win of the season, Aimee Kilpatrick scored two goals in the first half then Heidi Jones and Beatriz Almeida followed in the second half creating the 4-1 win.


The team carry on through the season undefeated and ready for a fresh start back in the new year.

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