Do NBA Refs Give Out Technical Fouls Too Easily Nowadays?

Nowadays, technical fouls and ejections are given out to players way too easy. Players only have to clap at themselves for making a mistake on the offensive side of the floor to receive a technical foul and a hefty fine. Back in 90’s era, a full fight with punches thrown would have to occur for a technical foul to be given. This is quite a big subject that Basketball fans speak about at the moment.

A recent occurrence that happened with player, Jayson Tatum, where he committed a reach-in foul. He clapped at himself in disappointment that he fouled the player he was guarding; he was then given a technical foul and a $2,000 fine. He and fans were not happy about this as it makes players not able to show any sort of emotion and passion towards the game they love. Referees are giving out technical fouls like this much more than they used to and are quickly ruining the game.

Another recent occurrence is, again, Jayson Tatum dunking the basketball and then hanging on the rim for around half a second so that he didn’t drop down on top of another player. He done this to be safe and not injure other players, however, the referee didn’t approve of this so gave a technical foul. Things like this can really ruin the game as it can stop all momentum from a team in what could be an important game and lead to a loss. Referee’s like to have too much power in the NBA and can really cause a loss to a winning team, it is completely unfair.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, the players would foul hard, play hard and it would be a much more rough and tough game. This is because they were allowed to commit hard fouls to stop the defender from making the shot. They were allowed to cuss and shout at teammates. Overall, they were allowed to play with passion and heart without getting penalised for it. This was the peak of NBA basketball for fans as it was fun to watch as players were free to play how they wanted and weren’t scared of the referees fining them and ejecting them from the game.

The NBA need to sort this issue as soon as possible otherwise there won’t be as many fans and they will convert to the Euro League as this is more physical, which is what the people like to see.

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