Saltburn review

The trailer for this erotically disturbing but phenomenal film reveals little to nothing of the actual twisted secrets that occur in Saltburn. Written by Emerald Fennell and starring Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi – the psychological thriller slowly uncovers the depths of the characters scene by scene, leaving the audience in the dark until they finally become aware of the truth behind what is happening.  

There are many scenes throughout the film that may seem disturbing on the surface but the way in which they are crafted together almost transforms them into such a fascinating piece of art. The grave scene left me with a mix of emotions, feeling captivated yet disturbed with Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan). His incredible performance will likely create some Oscar buzz.  

Watching this film really kept me on the edge of my seat, constantly guessing what was actually happening – coming up with my own theories on how it was all going to play out. .  

The actors, setting and camerawork definitely pulled this film together to make such an outstanding piece of work. 

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