Plymouth Argyle fans remain optimistic despite poor home form

Plymouth Argyle face West Bromwich Albion tomorrow, who are currently placed fifth in the Championship.

This makes them the third team in a row that Argyle take on at Home Park, who are placed in the top six. This tough run of home fixtures, a late draw against Coventry and a loss against Leeds, has made fans question the Green Army’s home performances, which don’t reflect last season’s incredible home form which won them the league.

A loss tomorrow will mark one of the worst runs of home form in the last two seasons, however, Ian Foster has comforted fans, saying: “We have got to enjoy it, we have got to embrace it. We have got to remember where the club has come from.”

Many fans’ pre-season predictions placed the Pilgrim’s in 21st at the end of the season, just to avoid relegation. 

Local fan Riley Smith said: “If you had come to me before the season started and told me that Argyle would be very competitive against established Championship clubs, I’d have been more than happy, and that’s what’s happening now”.

Tomorrow’s game will be a challenge for Foster’s team as West Brom are not contenders for automatic promotion but they will be fighting for play-offs where points are tight in the top seven.

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