Professional footballer Bendtner sentenced to 50 days in prison

Ex- Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has been convicted of physically assaulting a taxi driver by punching him in the face and kicking the man. Currently playing for Rosenborg, Bendtner walked free from the Copenhagen City Courtroom pending an appeal at a higher court. 

The incident was recorded on surveillance footage which showed Bendtner hitting the man in the face and then kicking him due to a disagreement over which direction the taxi driver was going. 

Nicklas claims that the attack was provoked by the man who apparently threw a can or a bottle towards the footballer and his girlfriend after exiting the vehicle without providing £4.80 payment.

Reports suggest that the Danish international has been ordered to pay the taxi driver over £1000 in compensation for the injuries caused which is rumoured to be a broken jaw. 

The 30 year old has since released a apology to his fans and teammates:

“I was involved in an extremely unfortunate episode. I could not imagine it would develop as it did, and of course I’m extremely sad that the outcome became as unfortunate as it did. To Rosenborg fans and audiences, I regret that this has happened. I’m sorry with all my heart that we are standing here today.” 

The centre forward spent six years part of the Arsenal squad and a previous two years part of the reserves under Arsene Wenger. He made 136 appearances, scoring 32 goals and 81 caps for Denmark scoring 30 goals and one in the 2010 world cup.