Proud first victory for MARJON 7-3

It was a long time coming, but finally after three consecutive defeats MARJON’s woman lacrosse team delivered a winning home performance against University of the West of England during this week’s BUCS game.

Both teams were evenly matched having lost all three of their previous matches, but this was soon to change. The game wasn’t an easy win however, the women worked hard in the first and second quarters to secure the victorious win in the final quarter where they scored three uninterrupted goals.

The team from Bristol showed MARJON that their late arrival hadn’t flustered their players by scoring a strong goal in the opening three minutes.

The pace of the game rocketed as anxiety amongst MARJON rose after UWE’s confident performance so soon into the game.

Rebecca Tidmash took a stick to the face after uncontrolled stick action, but this did not stop her taking a shot shortly after.

Calm and focused home player Megan Woodgate changed team emotions with a goal which levelled the game 1 – 1.

Another goal came from Woodgate in the second quarter which was swiftly followed by Sophie Mutton sending yet another ball to the back of the net making it 3 – 1.

Slips, multiple collisions and sticks to the face hindered MARJON’s rhythm which UWE took full advantage of taking the game to 3 – 2; slowly regaining their strength.

Demonstrating their resilience, MARJON dominated the pitch with slick switch formations giving centre Laura Woodbridge space to throw a powerful forth goal.

Dark clouds gathered at half time, but with a healthy 4 – 2 lead, things were looking bright for the home team.

Complacency made way for UWE to secure a third goal in the third quarter 4 – 3, but this would be their lasts shot in the net.

MARJON’s robust defence firmly held off the opposition as UWE tried to fight back, but what came next would obliterate the Bristol team’s hope.

The home team rejoiced as they scored three skilful successive goals in the space of 10 minutes.

Woodgate took full advantage of UWE’s tiering defence, sprinting the full length of the pitch to attempt a low right goal.

UWE matched MARJON’s vigour with loud communication, but Bristol’s intimidating calls could not stop MARJON scoring their seventh and final goal of the match and grasping their first victory of the year.

Woman of the Match Laura Woodbridge said: “there’s stuff we need to improve on we always do, but we are going to take away this win, motivation and confidence and we’ll keep working on stick skills, passing and ground balls is a must. But from this I think we should take the positives instead of the negatives”.


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