The Holiday Feeling You Can’t Buy

Whether it is acceptable to listen to Christmas songs already or not, Katy Perry has just released the ultimate festive feel good track, ‘Cozy Little Christmas’. The song was written by Perry and Ferras Alqais where the song has the traditional Christmas bells and cheery atmosphere to it. The song begins very catchy and upbeat but slowly starts sounding very similar to generic Xmas hits of the past. But if you like that, it’s not a bad thing.

Throughout the song, it mentions a lot about remembering and spending time with the important people around you; such as family, friends and loved ones. Californian artist, sings that she doesn’t need anything expensive for Christmas because ‘our love is something priceless’ and ‘you cannot buy those feelings’.

Perry’s new track is only available to download on Amazon music at the moment for just £0.99, so if you’re feeling in the Christmas spirit early (I mean it only comes around once a year) go and have a listen on Amazon or on Katy Perry’s Facebook page for a music teaser which was posted on the 14th November.

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