The Leisure Irritators- A tale of slow walkers…

Picture the scene, you’re in Tesco, you know what you need and said product is available, however the actual process of venturing to that item is like trying to climb up mount Everest in an arctic avalanche. Fellow shoppers hindering your hurried approach to the one thing you’re after. I am of course discussing those who walk at the most leisurely of paces. The supermarket scenario is simply scratching the proverbial surface, but I’d argue it paints the clearest of pictures.

Insufferable, that’s the word. Insufferable. As all you fellow pedestrians know, it is very irksome when it happens to you. I swear I always manage to stumble upon a slow walker when I need to get to a super important meeting or appointment and it’s at that moment you wish that there was such a thing as teleportation or even being able to acquire the ability to fly. Man, I wish.

I mean I’d regard myself as a kind person, to some degree, but those with the audacity to walk slowly in front of you are simply the lowest of the low. Not just those who simply walk at one’s own good time because their natural speed is insufficient to others, but those who do it, know they are doing it and still do nothing about it.

The worst thing though, and I really do mean the worst, is when people just simply stop dead right in the middle of the path. Now that is just vexing, simply because they are now stationary. It’s one thing that someone walks painfully slow but those who prevent the action of walking itself by stopping dead in their tracks really do test one’s patience.

If you’re a slow walker, I beg you to just go out when it’s not as busy so you don’t anger others who can actually walk at a reasonable pace. If you really need to go out at a busy time, just push yourself to walk that bit faster or I don’t know, you could just let people through!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s probably because I’m talking about you.

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