Should the uk ban pet adoption in the run up to Christmas?

This year Pet shelters in Germany temporarily banned adoptions in the lead up to Christmas. This is to stop any plans to give an animal for Christmas and to reiterate a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. 

Claudia Hämmerling from Berlin’s animal protection association said “The decision to keep an animal must not be taken lightly – the whole family must be involved in the decision-making process,” 

This seems like a logical Method to try and combat the overwhelming number of dogs who end up needing to be re-homed after the Christmas period. 

This problem isn’t just in Germany. The number of dogs being given up or abandoned is only rising with Charities in the UK seeing an increase in these numbers.

RSPCA member Supt Simon Osborne said: “During the festive season alone last year, we rescued over 25,000 animals, many of which had been cruelly abandoned.”

More and more every year many dogs are now becoming part of our disposable Britain. If we don’t combat this problem is it only going to get worst. 

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