Could China be responsible for rhino extinction?

The Rhino horn carries a myth that has been debated for many years, such that it holds a medicinal value that can cure many illnesses. This, however, is untrue… you may as well start biting your fingernails again as rhino horn and your nails are made of the same thing, Keratin.

You would think that with china being one of the Worlds most advanced countries, they would overlook lifting their ban on rhino horn trade, but after 25 years of decreasing poaching levels in Africa from this demand, China are considering on retreating on their hard work towards the conservation of Rhinos.

Since China released the news that they were debating lifting the ban, they have put the lifting on hold due to the worldwide negative outcry in response to the news, with many suggesting that this move would be the main contributor towards the extinction of the rhino species.


The demand for Rhino horn is too high to meet the demand used within Traditional Chinese Medicine as there are now 30,000 rhinos left in the world and Chinas population is 1.4 billion.

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