5 Hidden Gems at Plymouth Marjon

So you think you know your University? We walk its halls every day, but you’d be forgiven for missing these five hidden spots as you go about your day-to-day business at Marjon. Prepare to have your eyes opened… Lets get stuck in.

  1. Games Room

Tucked away in Marjon’s far Southwest corner, in a dimly lit cozy room, you’ll find the Games Room. Plug your console in, get comfortable, and enjoy peace and quiet as you enjoy your favourite video games.

  1. Nap Room

Feeling tired? Need a break? You’re at University, of course you do. Head over to the chapel and grab yourself a couple hours’ kip in the ‘Nap Room’. Enjoy the comfort of beanbags, a sofa and even a hammock as you catch up on those precious Z’s.

  1. Grandstand

If you’re not a regular gym-goer or member of a sports team (no judgment here) then there’s a chance you’ve never ventured over to the Grandstand Café. Indulge in a freshly toasted Panini and Costa Coffee with a view of the Astroturf.

  1. Cinema Room/Lecture Theatre

Do you and your friends fancy a cinema night? Want to get away from your flat? With Christmas just around the corner, what better place than Marjon’s own Cinema room. Disguised as a lecture theatre, it’s the perfect spot to get stuck in to your favourite flicks without being disturbed. 

  1. Lunchtime Chicken Wraps from the Hub Restaurant

We’ve saved the best ‘til last here. Whatever your plans for your next lunch date, drop them, and head over to the Hub Restaurant. Order yourself a southern-fried chicken wrap and tuck in. I’ll say no more. you can thank me later.

Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below!

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on “5 Hidden Gems at Plymouth Marjon
One Comment on “5 Hidden Gems at Plymouth Marjon
  1. Love it! And 6. The fire pit in the wood, 7. The view of moor and sea from the top floor of the library 8. The sports pitches for deer spotting early on an Autumn morning, 9. The Arts cafe for coffee lovers and 10. The View for amazing views while you chat, meet or bring your own lunch!

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