UN fears of ground invasion rise, amid Israel and Palestine airstrikes.

Israel has continued to step up their airstrikes against Palestinian militants in Gaza, in retaliation to Hamas rockets aimed at Tel Aviv. The Israeli air defense system has so far managed to repel most missiles sent across the border. However, Hamas has recently boasted about the size of their military capabilities and that they will soon be able to break through Israel’s anti-air network.

The Israeli military has fired heavy artillery and several airstrikes into Gaza overnight and the early hours of this morning. In an effort to halt Hamas and Palestinian militant rockets the UN and various world leaders are growing increasingly concerned that Israel will have to launch a full-scale ground invasion.

UN-owned facilities such as schools and medical centers are being used as makeshift bomb shelters in Gaza City. Many have turned into refugee camps as homes continue to be destroyed from airstrikes and rocket fire. The UN has recently spoken out calling for “calm” and for both sides to seek out a “peaceful end to the conflict.”

The UK and the US have managed to so far keep themselves out of the limelight in regards to their thoughts on the ongoing troubles in the region. Various political commentators have condemned President Biden in particular for his lack of involvement in the peace process. As the leader of the free world, his role is not just to look after his nations on domestic affairs but to help those struggling across the globe. However, those leaping to his defense have claimed that the United States has much bigger issues to face both domestically and internationally.

The Covid-19 situation in the States is still a serious concern for the President and the ruling Democrat Party. Also, the rising China problem has been a major focus for the Biden administration. Fears that China will invade Taiwan seem to be a bigger issue than the current Middle Eastern unrest. Furthermore, given the failures in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, you can’t blame the US for its timid approach.

Israel bombs have now been believed to have killed at least 119 people (31 children). The majority of deaths are along the Gaze Strip. A further 830 people have been injured as a result of the bombing campaign. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed a total of 8 Israeli deaths since Monday. The deaths are less on the Israeli side due to their state-of-the-art air defense system and abundance of bomb shelters. However, it is believed that Israel has sent more missiles than the Palestinian forces.

Some Israeli army units have been spotted near the border between Israel and Gaza. They’ve also called upon 7,000 army reservists. Most experts believe that the current military buildup is not enough for a full-scale invasion and that it is believed to be purely for defensive purposes at this moment. However, many recognize that without de-escalation this could soon change.

Above shows several Israeli airstrikes hitting Gaza City.

Above – 130 missiles have been sent into Tel Aviv in one day.

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