Plymouth Patriots Beat The LDN Lions

The London Lions have finally been defeated!

The underdogs, Plymouth Patriots, put on an outstanding performance Friday evening and beat the undefeated London Lions.

It was a special moment for the Patriots as they also got their coach Paul James his historic 500th win for the British Basketball League.

London Lions starting five: Gabriel Olaseni, Mo Soluade, Ciaran Sandy, Matthew Morgan, Bradley Kaboza

Patriots Starting five: Jacob Wiley, Mason Faulkner, Spencer Levi, Taylor Johnson, T.J. Atwood

The Lions seemed the underestimate the Patriots coming into this game as they allowed their 3-star players Sam Dekker, Josh Sharma and Luke Nelson rest. Because of this, the Patriots came out full force, willing to get their second win of the season.

The Patriots came out in confidence at their home ground, Plymouth Pavilion, with Taylor Johnson having a strong start to the game. He was finishing strong and confidently at the rim creating an upset to the Lions. By the end of the first quarter, the Patriots were up by 13 points.

Jacob Wiley brought all the energy to the building in the second quarter. With his great athleticism, Wiley made sure to be a huge threat to the Lions around the rim by throwing down some alley-oops and a few mesmerising dunks.

The Lions had a slow second quarter and struggled due to the pressure the Patriots were applying. The Lions managed to turn the ball over 13 times by half time, with the Patriots only with 3 turnovers.

The score was 56-35 to the Plymouth Patriots at half time.


In the second half, the Lions came out very strong. They made sure to apply as much pressure to the ball handler as possible and pushed the ball up the court as much as they could to try and bring the game back.

They quickly managed to bring it to a 14-point game, this had Patriots fans worried.

Coming into the 3rd quarter, coach Paul James came up with a great game plan to slow down the Lions and create another large gap within the score.

The final buzzer went off and the score ended at 94-70.

The Patriots building erupted as coach Paul James was successful in his 500th win. The Patriots were quick to celebrate.


The Patriots moved the ball much better than the Lions this game and played with much higher energy and intensity and definitely deserved the win.

Congratulations to the Patriots for doing the unthinkable and good luck for the rest of the season

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