Boxing event in Plymouth promotes fitness and charity for all

Ultra White Collar Boxing(UWCB) is an organisation founded in Derby in 2009. Since then they have raised over £27 million and they are one of the largest fundraisers in the UK for Cancer Research.

They don’t just host boxing events, they also host MMA, Ballroom dancing and ‘Adventures’ such as mountain climbing. These events are hosted around the world, in Canada and Australia.

Last week, the Plymouth event raised over £10,000 for various charities chosen by the boxers. One fighter raised over £1000 for their charity.

Hosted at nightclub Pryzm, the dress code was ‘Black tie’, making the evening much more memorable and classy for both the audience and the fighters. It gave a sense of authenticity, similar to a professional boxing event.

The event saw 24 fights, in a range of weight classes, and ran from 4pm until 9pm. Each of the fights was fair and even, due to the extensive efforts made by trainers to match each fighter up by weight, gender and age.

UWCB provides 8 weeks of free training to its participants in order to ensure a safe and entertaining event. It is also to promote fitness, as part of their mission statement.

Their next local Plymouth event is in March 2024 and you can register your interest on their website.

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