Modern Warfare 3, is it worth it?

Call of Duty is a widely popular video game series publish by Activision starting in 2003. Originally, the games were developed by Infinity War then were later taken over by Treyarch. From 2009 Sledgehammer games developed Advanced Warfare, World War II and Vanguard. Sledgehammer also assisted Infinity Ward in creating the latest Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3.

Many fans of the Call of Duty franchise have felt that the latest Modern Warfare 3 game is a massive scam, stating how they feel the production was completely rushed and that it’s the lowest effort they’ve seen from the franchise. I spoke with some fans of the series on how they feel, I received statements such as: “it’s all open mission and is basically warzone against bots which is boring and not entertaining, the zombies are just bad and a curveball to what we normally expect of the game.” Although almost every release has built off of the zombie minigame from 2008’s release of World at War, clearly fans weren’t pleased with the level of effort put into that aspect of the game this time around.

The game was formed as a paid premium expansion for Modern Warfare 2, however, many reviews have stated that the game is more like a “DLC to Modern Warfare 2” and that it “shouldn’t have even been released”. Despite the series normally being a massive hit with fans, this time around it hasn’t been and has in fact been the worst-rated game in Call of Duty history.

Despite the poor reviews – within 24 hours of the game going on sale it sold 6.5 million copies across the United Kingdom and United States and grossed $400 million – making it to number one in the UK boxed sales charts. 


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