What does it take to become an RSA?

Becoming an RSA holds many skills but also the ability to show those in need love and support. 

Lottie Warne, a third year at Marjon University had recently taken on the role of becoming an RSA. The typical day for a Resident Student Assistant (RSA) involves picking up the radio at 5pm, making sure the radios on at all times and not leaving campus.

Her training involved a lot of physical and first aid work, but also understanding how to handle the worries of mental health.  Lottie said: “Some situations could go on for half an hour or six hours depending how serious. One involved me getting a call out as someone was having a seizure.” The situations she had to deal with shows how hard being an RSA can be, but by doing this Lottie could understand and help people. 

Lottie also said: “I do recommend it but you have to be able to sympathise with people. It’s a hard job but also rewarding at the same time.” The position of an RSA shapes young people into role models, as seen through Lottie and motivates others to do the same. 

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