Womens Rugby At Marjon

Marjon Women Rugby side play in BUCS in the Women’s Western Tier 2, also in the Western Conference Cup. In the last University year, the team finished mid-table after a difficult start to the year. The Uni hold a partnership with Plymouth Albion RFC this year to maximise the potential that the team has.  

 We spoke to Marjon Student and Player Freya Green, about her experience playing for the team, and why potential new students might want to get involved. 

 She said “I got into Rugby at Marjon because I wanted to be part of a team and I wanted to meet new people while settling into the uni, also to explore new opportunities and it was a chance to bring myself away from the lectures and stress of work” 

 While also talking about how playing benefits her, Freya said “I benefit from participating in Rugby by improving my overall fitness from going to training and playing matches, there is a great social aspect, you also get the chance to meet a lot of people and bond with the team. You can have different type of socials and parties after the matches, you gain a lot of confidence just by being put on the pitch and getting stuck in” 

 She lastly talked about why potential new Marjon Uni students might want to get involved in the sport or the team ,she said “If you enjoy Rugby already you can carry on with truly dedicated team, it’s a good way to settle into uni while mixing with the second and third years because they have already experienced what you are going through and help you out with advice. You can get involved with team activities and develop good team bonding skills and learn to progress with the team, it is a great laugh, and anybody can get involved and if you are not from the area socials can show you good places to go“. 

The Club has one team but has hopes of creating a second team in the future. 





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