Student Union Updates 1

Entertainments Officer:

Autumn is in contact with Comic Relief, hoping to do a student event in December. The Entertainments committee is looking at getting a mix of students to put on varied and regular activities in Barjon and other spaces around campus.


Sports Officer:

Ben is looking at improving at improving the varsity experience, working on getting more students to attend matches, rivalling Plymouth Uni numbers. Ben is also looking at creating the ‘Marjon league’ which would consist of different sports teams competing against each other in different sports.


Campaigns Officer:

Saskia is working on creating ‘small business Saturday’, more information on this to follow. Saskia’s Stress Day campaign was a successful and well attend event, and she is looking at repeating this event during exam season.


Diversity Officer:

Nix wants to encourage students to speak up and ask questions. This has been kickstarted with a ’day in the life of a wheelchair user’ social media post, which will soon make a reassurance. 


International Students Officer :

Mara is looking at organising diversity inclusion events, such as a World Food event. She has also set up an international students society that will meet every Saturday for a variety of events around campus; for more information, read the article about it by Dylan Thain HERE.


Media Officer:

As media Officer I have created the Student Newsletter, which I hope all students can get invloved in. I am also working on creating an MSU podcast with Liam and Sarah, we need name ideas for this podcast so please do get in touch! In the new year I am hoping to work on the student radio station; more information in this to come soon.


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