On Sunday night, the NBA All-star game took place in Indiana, the home of Basketball.

Although there were many negative comments from fans circulating around the competitiveness of the All-star game, they did raise a lot of money and done a plethora of good deeds for the weekend.

2,000 kids from Indiana were in attendance to the All-star game cost free. “The All-Star Game comes around every blue moon to our city. So, it’s awesome for the kids,” said Darren Thomas, District Director of Athletics for Indianapolis Public Schools.  

They ended up donating over $3.5 million for charity. They started the game with $100,000, with an additional $240,000 going to the winning team. Also, through the NBA Cares State Farm Assist Tracker program, $1,900 will be donated for each assist during the game.

Excellence was preformed from the 3 point contest to the dunk contest.

An entertaining performance in the All-star game with flashy passes, dunks and deep three point shots, scoring the most points in NBA All-star history with a combined score of 397. “And to the Eastern Conference All-Stars, you scored the most points,” Silver said flatly. “Well … congratulations.”

Karl-Anthony Towns scored an impressive 50 points with plenty of highlights, including many thundering dunks. Damian Lillard with a bold 39 points and won the 2024 All-star MVP.

Damian Lillard was named the only player to win the three point contest and get the MVP in the same weekend. “Anytime you’re mentioned in the same category as Mike, it’s an honour, it’s a major accomplishment, even if it’s All-Star Weekend,” Lillard said during his postgame interview

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