A Fire at Marjon? Don’t Worry Its Planned.

The Criminology and Forensic Criminology department at Marjon will be holding a fire on the car park tomorrow! Yes you heard that right.

The event which will take place tomorrow morning is open to all first and second year students studying in these areas and is designed to help teach them more about fire assessment.

John Caulton will be travelling from Derby to host the event which will take place in car park 5. This means that there will be no access to this area from 3 pm today.

John Caulton will also be bringing his fire dog who is trained to smell out fire accelerant. He will demonstrate how these dogs are used to save time and resources during a real investigation. Rumour has it that the dog will also be wearing little boots to protect his feet!

Although this event is set to be thrilling, the information given will be vital in enriching the education of students by preparing them for an key form of assessment. Learning more about arson and the use of fire in crime, students will be able to gain important knowledge from this experience.

The event is set to be an enriching experience for the students who attend. The Doughnut will have more details about the event as well as pictures it happens tomorrow.

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