Food hygiene and safety

When working with surplus food, we always need to think about food safety – this is so that we make sure that the people we are given the food to have a safe and tasty product but also so that we help our organisation meet its legal requirements.

Tips for coaches/staff training staff/volunteers on food safety

To meet food safety standards it is important that all staff follow all the food safety rules, but staff and volunteers may not know the rules or may forget them. Here you will find materials that you can use as a supervisor to work on food safety with your employees/volunteers. You will find videos, posters & infographics, background information and inspiration for short but effective learning moments on the work floor. 

Tips for organisations on food safety

Here you can find out more about food safety regulations for food distribution organisations in the UK.


Food handling

Every food distribution and food processing centre is different. Each one varies in; size, the type of food they get, how they collect and store food and how they process food. 

In each one there will be staff and volunteers working together to help reduce food waste. 

Here you will find information on the different roles and responsibilities you might see in a food distribution or food processing centre. 

There are also tools and resources to help train staff and volunteers, including those who may have been out of work for a while. 

Food, health, and wellbeing

Every day, you’re helping to make sure food doesn’t go to waste – by making sure it reaches the people who need it the most. By doing this you it improves people’s health and wellbeing and it helps the planet too. 😊 

Food plays a huge part in our health and wellbeing. Having food to eat helps to keep us well and sustain us. And knowing that we are working or volunteering in a project which helps others, helps our own well being too.   

Sharing food with others is also a huge step in reducing the amount of food which gets wasted. Take a look for extra hints and tips on what else we could do use to help health and wellbeing and to reduce food waste in our work places and our homes.

Coaching and Mentoring

Supporting employees and volunteers to; develop skills, grow in their role and move onto new jobs is rewarding. It also takes skill, and at times, can be tough. There are different ways to support people to develop skills and to grow in confidence. Two of these are coaching and mentoring. 

Mentoring is: when someone with more experience offers advice and encouragement to someone with less experience. The advice is often around developing in your role or getting a new job.  

Coaching is: a partnership where the person being coached talks about what’s important to them and the coach helps them work out their own goals and solutions to maximise their potential. 

Here is a range of resources to help you coach and mentor others.