Coaching and Mentoring

Supporting employees and volunteers to; develop skills, grow in their role and move onto new jobs is rewarding. It also takes skill, and at times, can be tough. There are different ways to support people to develop skills and to grow in confidence. Two of these are coaching and mentoring. 

Mentoring is: when someone with more experience offers advice and encouragement to someone with less experience. The advice is often around developing in your role or getting a new job.  

Coaching is: a partnership where the person being coached talks about what’s important to them and the coach helps them work out their own goals and solutions to maximise their potential. 

Here is a range of resources to help you coach and mentor others. 

How to have a coaching conversation

When working with employees and volunteers there will be times when you will need to provide instructions and advice on what to do. There will be other times when you will have conversations to support their learning and development.

By taking a coaching approach to these conversations you can support people to increase their own self-awareness and develop their own route to learn and grow.

This guide will help you take a coaching approach in your conversations.

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Didactical principles to help with on the job training

Lots of training in food processing and distribution platforms happens on the work floor. But what exactly does on the job training involve and importantly, how do you go about it as a coach or manager?   

Inge Laperre, from Vonst vzw, shares some didactical principles – which will help you deliver on the job training. Her presentation is a guide to teaching practical skills in a real life setting.


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Discovering people’s skills and strengths

As a coach, we want to find ways to help people recognise their own strengths and skills. There are different tools to help us with this: 

VIA strengths finder – this is a free online scientific survey which shows peoples’ skills. 

SWOT analysis – this is a few questions to help someone think about their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. A free worksheet is available from MindTools.

Strength and qualities worksheet – This worksheet helps people to think about compliments they’ve received, times they’ve felt happy, challenges they’ve overcome, and more. This free worksheet is available from MindTools.