Clinical reflections 23

25/03/19  Marjon clinic  No. of hours 34

Two clients were seen during this two hour period. The first was a 19 year old women who does not play sport but goes swimming regularly. The second client was a 19 year old male who plays water polo once a week and does training twice a week.

The first client was a women who regularly goes swimming in her spare time, she will usually do about 25-30 lengths of the swimming pool. Instead of this she did 45 lengths and because of this she said that her shoulders are aching. ROM and posture was tested before anything, this shown that they although they had good posture their R shoulder was higher than the L. on palpation both of the middle fibres of traps and upper fibres of traps were very tight. And there was PoP the client explained that it was about 4/10 on the pain scale. A massage was given using techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, and neuromuscular techniques. Aftercare advise was given after the massage, this included RICE and hydration.

The second client came in saying that they had sore quadriceps on both legs. This was due to training, he explained that his legs felt tight. During palpating the quadriceps it was clear that the left one was tighter than the right. The knees were level and the clients left hip was slightly lower than the right. Massage was given on both of the quadriceps, neuromuscular techniques were used as there were knots in both legs. Aftercare was given telling the client that they need to rest and to not overuse the muscles as it will slow down recovery.

Remember to do the small things, this includes lowering the bed and to put the bolster under their knees and ankles when needed.

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