Foramtive reflection 1

23/04/19  Marjon clinic  No. of hours 35

This session was the formative assessment done on a 23 year old who is doing his masters.

During the formative assessment the client said that he had a tight left hamstring so before doing anything, hands were washed with hair tied back and nothing below the elbows. Posture was tested and it showed to be good posture so after this was ROM on both legs this was done by lifting the legs to see how far they got. The right leg was done first and was at about 75⁰ and their left was about 75⁰. After testing ROM techniques were used to massage this included effleurage, petrissage, neuromuscular, deep frictions and METs to stretch to muscles. At the end of the session aftercare advise was given and ROM was tested again to see if it had changed and it improved by about 5⁰.

Make sure to lower the bed for the client to get off. Learn different exercises to teach the client to do at home.


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