The Doughnut Newsletter 01/12/23


How to read your newsletter: 

This newsletter may be different to the kind we’re all used to; we are striving to make it as interactive and engaging as possible. As Marjon students, we already have the fantastic resource of The Doughnut and we wanted to bring attention to the work, events, and important topics students care about. So how do you read your newsletter? Every time a newsletter is published, you will receive an email from your Media officer (me!) and this email will be posted on the Doughnut and correlating social medias. To read about each topic, follow the link attached to that topic. The links will take you to The Doughnut website where you can read your newsletter, Sports match reports, SU updates, and articles written by students. We want all student voices to be heard, so if you would like to get involved, get in contact! Please enjoy the first issue of The Doughnut Newsletter. 






Sport updates: 

For each match report, written by the team, follow the links below. If you are a sports team and want your match report or any team updates to be included in the newsletter, email or contact Isobella-Skye Taylor. 







Student union updates: 

The Student Union have been hard at work, and have had their first MSU meeting. The Student Union play a huge role in ensuring student voice are heard; to read the most recent updates on what each officer is doing HERE


Dylan Thain, writer for The Doughnut Newsletter, has written about the new International Student Society: Read HERE


Student Union President Sarah Boyd also has a story about VAWG, that you can read HERE 


Get Involved: 

Want to be involved in your student newsletter? Get in touch if you are interested in article writing, sports reports, match photography or if you have any ideas for The Doughnut Newsletter!  

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