I study sport Rehabilitation and Exercise and Plymouth University and I have to gain 450 hours of placement and clinical practise over the 3 years. I would ┬álike to be part of the rehabilitation team for a sports team. Football, Basketball and Swimming are the two main sports that I’m most interested in to help and support.

I believe Plymouth Argyle Football Club is possibly a good placement opportunity. This is because I have an interest in football and it is close to my University which means it will be time efficient.

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I can work on pitch side as a first aider. I would dealing with acute injuries, taping and health screening. These would allow extra experience to help me gain a wider range of knowledge and be part of different scenarios.

If I was to join the PAFC team it would allow be to join links with other business and teams and progress myself. This would help me and my profession during/during Uni and after uni.

To be a therapist you need to be confident, precise, time efficient and caring. This placement would allow me to progress these skills and abilities. It would allow me to feel more comfortable working alongside different people in different locations.